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Harnessing Your Power

The principle of being everything for everyone but nothing for ourselves is how most of us were raised. This has inhibited us to gain knowledge of what we truly need to excel in whatever capacity we deem important. Harnessing your power doesn’t equate to aspiring to be superhuman; it simply refers to realistically reflecting on what you need to ensure your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Remember, it is when you feel the most supported that you have the most power. Use the questions below as a reflective guide that you can come back to when you don’t feel the most optimal:

  • How can you create an environment where you feel the most conducive or creative? What does it look like? How does your current environment differ?

  • When do you have the most autonomy, meaning when do you feel the most independent while also seeking support and establishing positive relationships? How does it make you feel? Who can you call on for support?

  • What does a positive relationship look like to you? What role have you played in watering the seeds of your positive relationships? Are those positive relationships reciprocal? If not, why?

  • List some of your positive and negative qualities. In your journey of self-acceptance, acknowledge and embrace that you are imperfectly perfect. Perfection does not exist but you can always try to be a better version of yourself. What positive coping skills can you utilize when you aren’t feeling your best to combat showcasing negative attributes?


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